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Merits of Eating Plant Based Foods

Food is one of the essential needs of all human beings. It performs various functions in our bodies and is of great importance. There is a choice of foods to pick from when eating time comes. Foods are always divided into two major groups. They are plant based foods which are mainly obtained from plants and animal based foods obtained from animals. Foods have the same general function to perform. Concentration here is mainly put o plant based foods and some of the advantage they have.

Losing weight is a cumber some process for people. The lifestyle of an individual highly contribute to the gaining and losing of weight of the individual. The diet of the individual is one of the things that has to be put into consideration by individuals who are aiming at losing excess weight. Constituent components of both plant based and animal based foods are key in determining how the food will be broken down. The weight loss process is easy when an individual includes plant based foods in his or her diet.

The rate at which an individual is exposed to getting heart related infections is less when they include plant based foods in their diet as compared to when they use animal based foods such as meat. Meat is an example of protein foods. Meats contain a lot of fats which always settle around the heart after digestion has taken place and this is never good for people’s hearts. Foods derived from plants lack the fats that might cause harm to the heart thus reducing the exposure one might get.

An example of lifestyle diseases is diabetes. Diabetes treatment is not affordable to all people thus making its treatment very challenging. The cause of diabetes is the lack of sufficient insulin to required to break down sugars. Plant based foods may contain chemical agents that may help in the production of insulin in the body of individuals to help in the breaking down of sugars and fight diabetes.

A recent research has proven that he number of emerging cancer cases has been brought about by consumption of red meat. Processed meat has also been included in the list due to various components that they have. Eating of plant based foods can help in prevention of different types of cancer. Plants contain some substances that are highly beneficial in as far as the war against cancer cells is concerned. Individuals are therefore advised to critically think about the various advantages of eating plant based foods that outweigh animal based foods in order to ensure they live a healthy lifestyle.

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