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Whitening Discolored Teeth At Home

A smile is a beautiful reaction that lights up a face, even that of a baby or a sad person. It sends a message to the body giving a feeling of happiness and pleasure that even reduces blood pressure and heart rate. When giving a speech in public a smile shows that you have confidence. With discolored teeth, however someone may shy away from giving a smile. The self-esteem of a person who has discolored teeth can be lowered by how generally people treat such people. Teeth can become discolored because of extrinsic and intrinsic reasons. The extrinsic reasons are external in which are therefore easy to remove.

Things that touch your teeth like coffee, tea, wine and tobacco cause external discoloration. the usual brushing and flossing can remove discoloration caused by external reasons. Intrinsic reasons involve the teeth composition. brushing or flossing does not reach the inside of the teeth See a dentist to deal with the intrinsic reasons. The downside of the process is that a lot of chemicals are used. To deal with this natural alternatives can be used. The use of chemicals is more expensive than home remedies.

Fitted charcoal can be used. it Works by absorbing the discoloration from the teeth after rubbing. rinse and brush your teeth after smearing and staying with it for a few minutes. Apple cider vinegar can also help with discolored teeth. it has an acid in it that absorbs there discoloration thoroughly wash and rinse after using vinegar. rinsing well ensures their enamel is not hurt. As most people will not expect, coconut oil does wonders in this. the Acidic properties of the oil kill the bacteria staining teeth. Gingivitis is reduced by the oil which also serves as mouthwash. similar to how mouthwash is used coconut oil should be used the same way.

extrinsic discoloration can be solved by baking soda. An alternative to toothpaste is baking soda. It has a lot of sodium therefore should be avoided by people with high blood pressure. Turmeric helps with discoloration due to external reasons. It works the same way as charcoal. Mixing coconut oil and turmeric can give better results. Inflammation of gums can be removed by turmeric. Hydrogen peroxide also be an alternative. It is not used by many because it is highly aggressive. Mixing equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water should deal with this. After one or two months one should be able to see a difference their Teeth. the simple methods above should remove the teeth discoloration and give you back your confidence to smile showing the new white teeth. Using the above methods will give you teeth with better appearance. If one does not like the results of the above remedies, they should visit their dentist or a professional in removing teeth discoloration.